This is the site of a retired teacher of history and a senior citizen of Pakistan.

I am thrice retired but not yet tired and my two passions are Pakistan and History in that order. The first is my life and the second is my enjoyment, employment and constant companion.

Although at Qadirkhurram.com you will first come across my research work in history in the form of four books and several articles. That is my contribution to Pakistan and to life/humanity.


Primarily Qadirkhurram.com is on the net to seek and find people with whom I have a common bond of love for Pakistan and a sympathy with its people; and to present to them what I have learnt of history, particularly in the form of a perspective on world history – the end product of a lifelong attempt to make sense of the world we live in and how it came to be what it is.

During my life I have come across many people who do not expect Pakistan to progress; many who feel that we are not a nation and some who believe that Pakistanis are not good and wise.

This site denies this opinion vehemently. My study of history and view of the world as an outcome of human effort seem to provide proof of this truth. My life in Pakistan confirms this.

The Pakistani Andaz [samaj, rivaj & mizaj] is the CULTURE section of this site. It invites you to see what I have to say about the ‘love of my life’ and tell me where I am wrong; or what you think is right. This site began as Pakistani Samaj and what I had to say about it. The Samaj section of the Pakistani Andaz is a statement of our social forms, the Mizaj section focuses on our temperament, while the Rivaj section contains my vision of what is the Pakistani way of life.

From time to time I will Insha-Allah add some text in the history section. My current project is an alternate perspective on world history where I will be adding texts, videos and audios.