پاکستانی انداز (Pakistani Andaz)


My name is Khurram Qadir. I have been a professor of History and am still a researcher of Pakistan. I am here to share my feelings and thoughts about Pakistan and to see if you would like to join me in trying to understand how our communities work and what kind of society we are making as a nation.

Here you will not be subjected to complaints about our failures nor to boasts about our successes as a nation. Primarily, I am looking for character traits of Pakistan’s communal matrix and trying to find the way in which we see things as a society.

Here you will find some audio clips and text in both English and Urdu, most of the time they will share feelings and ideas about what we can do to improve our nation, country and society but the primary focus will be on the communities that make up our society; so what can we do?

There are things that need action, issues that need leadership and issues that need thought. Those who join me in this venture can choose to contribute in any or all of the areas that I have listed or guide me to things that I have missed. This site is all about our samaji [communal] matrix and how we can contribute within the communal identity that each of us belongs to, either to our community or to our society or our nation. My only condition is that we will not take a political position here even when we wish to get the administrative machinery to take part in any communal/social issue of our choice. Any friend of Pakistan is welcome: activists, intellectuals, ordinary members of the society who wish to see Pakistan prosper and want to put in whatever effort/resources they can spare. It does not matter what language you speak from among those that are spoken in Pakistan and it does not matter what personal views you hold in matters that do not relate to the Samaji Tehreek-i-Pakistan